"Turning Ruff Beginnings Into Happy Endings"

It's A Ruff Life Rescue believes in second chances and we do exactly what our Slogan says....We turn Ruff beginnings into Happy Endings! And this is how we do it. 

Each dog we take into our Rescue is temperament tested, provided with optimal medical care, and is fully vetted to correspond with the dog's age. The dog is then placed into a thoroughly screened/approved and appropriate foster home.  It is in the foster home that the dog receives love, is cared for, socialized, and we really begin to know and understand the dog. We look at overall behavior/temperament, energy levels, quirks, and mannerisms. This process is crucial.  We chose to rely on fosters, because we feel that a true reflection of a dog's temperament can only be truly accessed while living in a home environment where the animals are exposed to and tested with a multitude of elements and situations.  

Once the animal is in foster care, we begin to work to find each dog the perfect home for him or her. We believe there is a great home out there for every dog! And we are committed to bringing dogs and people together who are the right fit for each other! How do we accomplish this? We do this by knowing the dog and by getting to know the prospective adopter. Many things are taken into consideration, such as lifestyle, energy level of the dog vs activity of adopters, experience, family members, living arrangements, and expectations as well as tolerances, when pairing up a dog with an adopter. We want to place the dog one time and only one time and for that home to be it's forever home, so we work hard and diligently to match up each dog with the best possible home & each adopter with the best possible dog for them! 



About US


A 501(c)(3) All Breed Dog Rescue. We do not have a facility and are foster based utilizing foster homes RLR is run by a group of passionate, committed volunteers that work endlessly to save, as well as improve the lives of dogs. We rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome shelter animals on death row at kill shelters, take in owner surrenders to keep them from being dumped in a shelter, and provide a safe haven for stray, abandoned, or abused/neglected dogs.


It's A Ruff Life Rescue's mission is to rescue and save the lives of innocent dogs who find themselves on death row through no fault of their own and/or provide a safe haven for stray, abandoned, or abused/neglected dogs. Whenever possible we will assist families who, because of various circumstances, are unable to continue caring for their dogs (owner surrenders) so they are not dumped into the shelter system. Our goal is to do exactly what our slogan says..."turn ruff beginnings into happy endings". And as Rescuers, we strive to not only save lives, but to improve the lives of each & every animal who we take into our rescue.  But our mission goes beyond just rescue. As Animal Advocates, we also work toward educating the general public about the importance of spaying/neutering, responsible pet ownership, positive behavior modification training, proper nutrition, advocating to ban BSL , and for inhumane gas chambers to be abolished.


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